These big rocks sank 3 to 4 feet below grade in this wetland!


Chained up to get some traction going up and down the hillside till I could get some rock down.  I have never seen ground swallow rock like this wetland did!!


The metal pipe is 3 feet by 15 feet long.  The bridge links her property together, first time since Grandpa lived there in the 30's..


Even in summer this wetland was like quicksand.  There is almost as much rock below the water level as there is above!  Should be here for many, many years.


The rock was rolled and packed in layers.


  That would be brother Bob and his dog Pickles...


The first bucket of rock.  My next pass I sank the front to the frame and found a new combinaion of swear words.  I had to build the bridge backwards to get to the stream to install the drain pipe.
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