The road home.  Horseshoe driveway leading to the manufactured home pad.....Waiting for the county to say go.....again.....

Below.  This is why we build to code plus.  Code is good but a good carpenter knows when a project takes more then what the code asks for. Under the giant maple tree is a barn we built a number of years back.
That's Bob getting our marks for Julian's manufactured home.  We aim to have his family handing out trick or treats for the holiday....
Kate's 3 stall goat barn.  10 feet high at the opening,  8 feet on the back side, 36 feet wide and 12 feet deep.....       after
Done excavating the barn pad and now packing the gravel....Yep, that's are gate and fence work.......Before
Joel's sand filter septic system.  This is how it starts, a test pit.  The inspector will come out, walk into the test pit,{5 feet deep at one end}, take a educated look, and let you know if a leach field can go in there.   We will come out, let you know where the best spots to test, and when we our done the system will be ready to use, permits, plans, the whole 9 yards, in general....
Below,   Julian's home and our first manufactured home move on from start to finish. Arranging for the  home, pulling all the permits, drawing up the plot plan, will run the water from the well, electric, septic system, french drains, porches, and decks.  Just waiting for the "go" from the county guys.... We have done all this work before, just never from start to finish....
Doug's big stumps....preping the land for his shop....
The never ending fence for Kate...and soon goat barn
After a couple, 3 days of having 1 of the most knowledgeable and friendly crews to work with.  Brother Bob and myself, are at  All our jobs, start to finish, always.  Pictures under J&M's deck.... The railing company forgot 1 side of our stair way.  We will come back to install the other side when it arives.
This is our 4th year working for Eric and the good people of depave.  A few more pictures in the index under...depave
YIPPEE, number 1 again!!!  Every 3 years brother Bob has to retest for his septic license.  And once again he was the first one done and the highest score!!! Bob graduated from the University of San Francisco in Business and was number 1 in his business class of 2500!!  He went to work for Cal. Tech in Ca. and hated it.  Lucky for me we have been working together since then, some 30 plus years....Yep, we are brothers....


Thank you for visiting Level on the Level, please feel free
to have a look around. If you are not an existing customer, or even if we have worked for you in the past,  we  have provided pictures and text that we hope will help answer  some of your question. If you are an existing customer we hope to better serve you and
continue to provide the quality level of work and  support, our
customers have demanded.

Please follow the links at the bottom to access information
regarding the work, services and products we provide. in index under ...sheds...Sean's shed was made so he could drive his lawn tractor right in by opening both doors.  If he just needs to get a shovel or some thing small, he uses the smaller door.  10 feet tall at the front and 8 feet in the back, no head hitting and room for shelves.

I'm a customer of John and Robert Dinino, they just got done doing my deck which ended with plumbing and electric and fencing. They did a wonderful job!! If you need any work done you should call them. They also did the tilling for my garden, I would recommend them for any job you need.Christine

Christine's deck, fence, electric, plumbing, and garden tilling work below and in the index under Christine's Deck.

Below...We will find, fix, repair, reroute, install new, or whatever it takes to get you up and running.  Be it gas, water, electric, septic, cable, or.  About 8 feet under. We are not locaters, that's the 811 guys.

Below;  What we brought to Karen's driveway and will bring to your driveway repair. Little hard to see but the backhoe has a rock bucket and a grading bucket, 2 gas packers, a 6 foot roller, grader, our dump truck is missing, and of course our knowledge.  More pictures under "off road" driveways


We will be sure to stay on top of the growth on the driveway. I just can't tell you how much I appreciate all you have done. You are by far the best, most thoughtful and helpful team of people I have worked with. It can be such a crap shoot finding someone that is honest and does great work. Karen


Thank you all the good people of Oregon for another fun season of adventures and work  .I will say the end of this year has brought me the most success at failure as a gold prospector as anything I have ever tried!!! Having said that, there is gold in Beavercreek and I have dug it up, just so far not enough to quit my day job. JD   Word to the wise, I have burned more diesel then anything I have pulled from the ground.....The fever is real, unfortunately........ err,  my friend Mary {yippee, no more of my cooking!!} wanted me to expand on this a little.  I have burned WAY more diesel then I have pulled from the ground and that's not counting all the time I have taken away from the house and her.  And the best part I get way dirtier then from my real tractor and carpentry work, so you know how well that goes over......well maybe 1 more thing.  Do not take the utensil's from the kitchen for use in the field. Some of them work very well for small stuff and the occasional  wooden spoon going missing can be explained away but when the turkey baster came up missing on Thanksgiving, kinda had to man up to that one.   And once they find out you used kitchen utensil's in the field, there's no cleaning them off and sneaking them back in.  Video under gold


Hi Guys – You did a job for me a while back down here on Henrici rd and I thought of you for my next project. I would rather give my $ to you, so you tell me how much if any, you want to be involved. It’s mainly a patio cover across the back of the house but I would like to incorporate a re-roof with metal at the same time. I need some advise and cost estimates to let me know if this is going to be possible. With you I know I’m going to get honest answers and no BS. 
Thanks – Mike...... Pictures under patio in index.....

Contact Us


RC Aerial photography available

  Yippee!! Fixed the web site.  New pictures under bridge and poll barn....


Duck coming soon


Our first wet land project, {but not our first} rock and gravel bridge over a creek.  Pictures under bridge in index...

 Pictures and WORK too shocking for our home page.....Septic no no's in the index 

Our quality remains long after the price is forgotten...Pictures of our tractor attachments, tools, and what they do under "tractor, tractor 101a", tractor 101b  in the index.

Below, having permit issues?  We can build this for you.  Last time I looked, you did not need a permit for table and chairs, but I am not a lawyer. 

That's Moses, He likes to keep an eye on us.  I think he knows his home is getting turned into a shop!  It's just we need a warmer place for our dump trucks and equipment. Past few days everything froze up here in too....Moses and our minis {horses} will have to share a smaller out building, out of the weather but no lights. 1 center post gone, 5 more to go..  Pictures under Barn into shop in index..... 

 Done.  All 6 center post are out that held up the roof and divided the barn into 10 x 10 stalls.  Now a 30 x 40 shop all free span, no supports.

 The white circles are not orbs...just snow getting blown in....Not that we haven't worked at haunted property.  I didn't mind, but the tractor sure got goofey. Felt like I was operating a tractor running on tip toes all day, besides the fact it was the only job she broke down on.

 We sure are grateful to all the people of Clackamas County and beyond.  Perhaps if I were a younger man with more money, well, mostly the more money part, I could have started 2 more crews and kept us all busy we had such a demand for our work. We take small steps but by the end of the year we are not {ever} been in the red and we add more tools and equipment as we go.{ At the moment we are looking for a bull dozer}Giving up the tractor seat to a younger guy or gal, in exchange for running a few crews, seems easier each winter, but then spring comes and all is better...when it ain't raining. Now brother Bob says I am gumming up the home page with a bunch of yip yap, so I am starting a section called observations in the index. Thank you again for all the good work you have sent our way, The Dinino Brothers

 Finally, a Doctor who does not throw a bunch of pills with weird side effects and bad addictions at you. In stead, she looks for the source of the problem and starts fixing you up from there. If she can not help you she will tell you right at the start. Maybe I am old fashion, but its important to me that my Doctor knows me by my name without looking at a chart and actually cares about ME. It is a team effort, with YOU and the good Doctors and Staff at Vermillion & Bloom PC...jd

 Dry Paddocks for winter.... A little spendy { sand & gravel } but no more mud!!

 60 some days with no rain and even working 8 days a week, we still have a 5 to 7 day backlog.  I would say about 80% of the people we work for find more work for us to do after watching us work for a 1/2 hour or so.  We always enjoy the extra work, but it sure does mess with my scheduling

A NEW HORSE MANURE SYSTEM NOW HERE IN CLACKAMAS COUNTY....There are pictures manure system... in the index  and these 4 pictures are the finished product. The ramp is wide enough for her to turn the wheelbarrow around on and still light enough to move.  Easy access for the tractor to remove the finished product when it is done cooking.

We now accept most credit cards.....VISA...MASTER CARD....AMERICAN EXPRESS.....DISCOVER 

Wrap around deck pictures under; Kristy's deck and wood deck.


Omg you are too funny! :) Thank you!! I am truly sad that you guys won't be around any more! We cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and TIME you put into everything. You, & Bob are an awesome crew and made this house look so magnificent!! Thank you for putting up with all of the planning mistakes and for always being flexible. You guys were always willing to take on any problem. And finally, a special thanks for being so special that you just fit right into the whole family. We must stay in touch and I'll let you know when the deck is all stained and we're ready to have the ultimate barbeque on our deck :) Stay safe, healthy and busy. Talk soon,
Kristy, Ty, and sledgehammer


Extended a gravel drive, widened our drive, put in a culvert on our drive... We requested additional work above the quoted work. Extremely fair in the price for both the base job & the added work.

I don't think they will get rich this way, but I bet they can sleep at night!! They are the Good Guys!! Paul V. Beavercreek

 My dear Boys...Forgot to ask you how you thought the driveway lookednow that it has settled in...You don’t know how

much I appreciate knowing there are some GOOD men folk around..Its verycomforting to me that
I can still feel like a have someone I can count on.......Oh,, you make a lady proud to know you!!!!


I called Bob and John out to our Wilsonville property to take a look at leveling our arena. They came out the next day and saw we had a tractor and told me how to complete the work  with our tractor saving us money and gave other advise as to how to make the footings better.  They would not take money for their time and gas driving to our site.  It's not too often you find honest, caring people in any business who will try to save others money at their expense.  I will use them for some other projects we have coming up and highly recommend their service.
Linda Z - Wilsonville, OR                           ALL our estimates are free and our knowledge is cheerfully given......John

 email the time I get home from work, feed the farm animals and cook diner, it's dark, so emails work much much better then phone calls to get going....Email first for a same day response........503 632 1722


Our second new {old} dump truck. No more splitting gears, and double clutching for Brother Bob, this came with an automatic transmission. 

Where is the sun!!!!! From the gang in Beavercreek. Thank you good people of Oregon for helping make 2011 a great year! The Dinino Brothers.  I am trying to teach the middle one how to answer the phone.  Judy, our secretary, cook, and house keeper, has left us for New York!! Yikes, back to my cooking........Well, a very sad day in Beavercreek, I had to put down my little dog of 17 years a few months back.  I have dug over a 100 graves {pets only, no X's}, but this one I could not dig,brother Bob did. And just when she was getting the phone answering thing down........Now a memorial.....

We had to chase the ducks out of these pot holes before we could drain them so we could work on this drive way....See all the pictures under ..big pot holes... 

   ...that's are new road grader [in blue] on the back of our tractor. The auger is tied down because we ran out of room.  What you do not see is a rototiller in the bucket of the front of the tractor and a landscape rake in the bed of the truck. As you can see, we can do many things once we get to your site. The backhoe [not pictured] comes on and off the back in less then 5 minutes, as with the rest of the attachments..... Thats me on the far right

             YIPPEE Was the first one done with the Sewage Disposal Service certification test in our class of 30. Now we are ready to start Septic tank and drain field installion.  .......    

                                                                                                   installer # license # 38877

                                                                                                    CCB LICENSE # 189688

                 Sewage Disposal Service License We hope to be installing your septic tank and drain field at a much more reasonable rate then home owners are acustomed to here in Oregon..Our over head is very low. Coming out of retirement, our dump trucks, trailers, tractor and accessories have allready been paid in full. We ALL pretty much pay the same for the license, bond, and insurance, but overhead can vary accross the board..... Yippee, passed the test

                       BONDED!!!  LICENSED!!! INSURED!!!!


                                            CCB LICENSE #189688                                                                                                                              Local references available and free estimates.  Over 75 years of combined old world experience in the housing industry. Call us for gravel driveway repair (we are pot hole repair specialists), rock and gravel deliveries, grading and land clearing,septic tanks, water tanks and drain fields,leach fields, french drains, horse corrals, manure hauling, barn and home demolition, fences, and all your  home and farm needs.

                                       New, 50 hp tractor equipped with back hoe [11 feet depth, good for pulling out stumps], trenching,excavating, front loader, [3000 lbs limit], pallet forks [stacking hay, firewood], auger [ fence post holes, trees holes], brush hog [clearing fields of berries, thick weeds], box blade,road grader, back blade[gravel spreading, dirt, leveling], landscape rake,heavy duty disc, sub soiler, roto tiller. Most types of farm work.   4 hour minimum, depending on distance. Bid or by the hour.$65.00 an hour and up depending on work.NO DROP OFF,NO MOVE ON FEES!!!!  Remember,BONDED!!  LICENSED!! INSURED!! and very capable of handling your home & farm needs in a mature, professional, and timely manner.  
  Thank you for looking.  503 632 1722

 Only 7000 miles on a 20 year old truck....and most of those miles were on a Sunday, going to church she told us.

Big stumps, demos, clean-ups and more with our tractor loader backhoe and dump truck.. 

Drive-ways, pot holes, & repairs. We  first use a road grader to pull up and level the old gravel then we enlarge the pot holes with our backhoe, re pack with gravel and water, run a compact concrete vibrator plate over the hole [not pictured here], spread more gravel, water and roll with the 1000 pound roller. 

Our drain experience, along with our compact concrete vibrator plate, the roller, and our attention to detail, will fix your drive-way and parking problems for years to come. 

Curtain, French drains done right..... 

 Brick walk ways

 Real WOOD decks and staircases...Have you seen non wood decks in the wear areas?   Not a pretty site.

Round pens..We use a transit to find the grade you want. 

Seems like it was just yesterday I brought her home from the show room floor. 

Complete kitchen remodel. See all the pictures, start to end. 

 Drop down attic ladders for the barn ,shop or house.

Our first, new/old dump truck...1969 GMC...70,000 miles!!   This truck was built with more metal then 5 of our new Dodge trucks..and it will dump 5 yards of wet gravel easy! On the road they only let us carry 5 yards....1 yard of 3/4 minus gravel is about 2700 pounds and will cover a 10 foot by 10 foot area about 4 inches thick . Most customers will have us put that as the finish layer for a drive-way...

Electric pump septic coming soon

10,000 pounds, 15 feet up in the air, and the truck is sinking....1500 gallon concrete tank with 2 compartments with an electric pump and filter system.

We had to set  the tank short of its hole.  Build a road, { the Appian Way it isn't },  and will it hold the 30,000 pound truck and 10,000 pound tank?  See more pictures under electric septic system in the index....


We have gone back and fixed up the road we made now that it has dried. .....
The drain field was so overwhelmed the inspector wanted the family out in the middle of winter but we were able to work with everybody to keep them in their home and still get the job done.  The first contractor left her hanging with just a bill for messing up their yard.  Brother Bob stepped in and figured out a better way to get everything to work and it RAINED on us every day we worked their.
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