Getting the electric started for the pump. We ran 2 circuits from the panel box, under the house and bored a hole in the concrete foundation to get the electric where we need it.  1 line for the pump and 1 line for the alarm.

Nothing like singing in the rain.  It rained everyday we can to work.

This is the first of 6 "d" boxes {drop box}.  The efluent {waste water} gets pumped 300 feet, and 8 feet up from the tank  up to this first box.

Another d box with part of the easy flow system installed.

The nice thing about the easy flow system is you need no rock, or gravel in the trenches.  You back fill the trenches with what you dug up.

Yep, those are packing peanuts.  This is to Clackamas County code and what the inspecter wanted us to use.

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