Here we see from the dirt up;  landscape fabric, 3 inch perf pipe with sock,[the white tubes in the upper right corner], 6 to 8 inches of drain rock, another layer of landscape fabric, 3 to 4 inches of scallops [a base],and still to come another layer this time  of non woven fabric, and 8 inche of the Canby sand. 

The end of the 100 foot runs. Four of the 3 inch perf pipe 'T' into a 4 inch line that will bring the water out to the street. This arena has 12 perf lines that run 100 feet .

 E PLURIBUS UNUM...of many one...more like 35 loads from our new friend the sand man,{and rock}.. It is great to find a truck driver that will work with us instead of being put on the bottom of the list by the rock quarrys.

Yippie!!  The last coarse, 8 inches of the famous CANBY SAND.....We can run our 10,000 pound tractor on top with no compaction and we displace the sand maybe a inch or 2. 

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