This is a before and after picture.  The top picture having the cabinet and wall.....the second without the cabinet and wall 

 We have to move the electric switch over to the existing wall.  We do all the carpentry,demo, electric, plumbing, drywall...[we paint, but we do not like to]

 You can pretty much guess whats in a wall, but untill you open it up, there can allways be a surprise....never found money, but old bottles are more common then you would think...though I did find a gun that was used with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. When I returned the gun to the owner[ his wife asked me NOT to] his historic stories were priceless.

Sure did open up the room!!!  The new built-ins will fill it up fast...Home Depot takes 3 weeks from when you say go to get us the cabinets. Hi Karen. Karen and her husband Tom are the main designers, but we all work together. This house was built in the late 1800's.  Years later it was rolled down the hill on logs to its present locations. Thats is a staircase above Bobs head in the upper right corner.  That has to stay. This was a non bearing wall and does not need a big header [beam] and posts to transfer the weight of the upstairs down to the foundation.

Pictures below, about a month 1/2 later 

The new cabinets behind Karen have full extension drawers in them that pull all the way out!!  New [old] kitchen light we installed 

New plumbing, new electric, new drywall, new floor, new cabinets, new paint, new wood ceiling and old wood wall, new dish washer, we are reuseing the old metal kitchen sink from the 40's and the old 1930's stove we helped tune up and get running right...if only I could take pictures.... 

Still have alot of finish work left... 

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