Thats the new floor we are installing on the far right.  These old all metal cabinets held up pretty good for the last 50 or 60 years, far left 

 All the drywall had to come off this wall and we replaced it with green board dry wall. The green floor was under a oak floor we pulled up and patchen into the living room that was missing a 10 foot by 10 foot area.  No one could find the old straight seem, even the guys that refinished it.

The old galvanize plumbing, a little leaky was also replaced by us with this newer style.  This new stuff is so easy and works so GOOD!!! No more leaks. We have used galvanize [copper,pvc,etc.] since we were kids in the 60's helping our Dad and yes this new stuff is a little spendy but the quality, ease and time saved, out ways its cost.   

new floor.  We had to cut a trap door into the floor [under the new cabinet] to get access to under the old farm house. 

New, pre finished floor we installed 

Pump house, we ran new pipe from the well head into the house. New hot water line from the hot water tank. 

Seems like pets and kids like to watch us.  Trench for the new water lines. Karen says its the best water presure they have ever had!!! 

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