We did all the retaining walls, [middle left] 12 pallets, each brick is 60 pounds. It is not the work we go look for, but if it helps the job along and keeps things moving,well we can do most anything to keep on track. 

this system was engineered by me and was passed by the Canby Planing & Develoment guys.Because this was built on fill, they wanted 2 foot by 2 foot holes.  With this fill the sides kept caving in leaving a huge 4 foot hole. So I came up with the idea of putting a extra footing under the smaller footing to help spread the weight to the sides and not down. We poured the footings ourself and saved time and $$...This deck is crossed braced both ways to all posts with nuts and bolts, not screws.  We used screws to hold the deck down. I have to check, but I think the hardware ran as much as the wood.

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