The roller and packer help bring up the moisture to help pack the rock.  When we are done, our 10,000 pound tractor will leave no tire marks on the gravel.


Our frame mounted backhoe comes off in about 3 minutes and with a 3 point hitch, we can put almost any attachments on the rear.  This was a long driveway but our longest has been just under a mile.


Below...The gas packer.  You can see the difference this machine makes!!!  We first use the big roller to get the area flatter.


2 gas vibratory packers and the blue grader.


The roller/packer.  6 feet long and a 2 foot diameter, we fill with water once we are at the job site.


Estacada has some of the best dump truck drivers I have ever seen.  The grade was so steep they had to dump going backwards and down hill, around a curve!!  To get traction to come back up they had to keep the dump bed up in the air to get weight on the tires,{all 8 locked up turning}, and still it took more then a few tries, till we could get the road packed down.  The last load the driver could go up in second gear with his dump bed down, no wheel spin, no tire marks. The quarries know us for taking on the hardest driveways they have seen.  Just another couple days for us.


Karen's driveway was a good 15% {that's steep}and about 1000 feet long, with pot holes, washboards, 18 inch deep ruts, more like a mine field then a drive way.  Our car got air bourne on our way out after the estimate.

First we come in and enlarge all the pot holes, ruts, fix any issues with the driveway.  The blue grader spreads, levels and mixes  what the driveway has down.  We roll and pack the base.  Then 4 inches of drain rock and 4 inches of 3/4 minus.  This job we layered the rock in 2 inch runs, takes longer but the results last much longer, and makes for a better drive.

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