Thank you SO much.!  Your kindness & thoughtfulness mean so much to those of us who over the years have loved this pony!  Peace of mind is priceless.  Thanks again!    The family of Renegade .........and some of the saddest 2 hours of tractor work I have ever done.............


Hello John,

I saw your post today on Craigslist. Congratulations on your successfully passing your test!

I am the gal whose home you came to last September to bury my 31 year old grey horse out on South End Road.

I never really got the chance to tell you and your brother how deeply grateful I was and still am to you both.
Everything you did helped me. Your presence at my home, your kindness, your gentleness with my deep sorrow, literally everything was made better by you both and I will never forget that.

That horse was the longest relationship in my life. That sounds a little odd even to me but it is the truth.
I loved him and trusted him so much, I am crying right now as I write this, just missing him.

I was so struck by the compassion you both exemplified, it was magical.

I have moved now. I live in Beavercreek on Carus road. I have my one horse and just buried my 13 year old Bullmastiff dog.

My heartfelt condolences go out to you men on the loss of your beloved dog. I can relate totally and thank you for sharing that photograph and your story.

You are very special people and I am so pleased to have met you and feel so warm that you live "somewhere" nearby! lol

I would love to sell your services to people and will always pass along my personal experiences with you to anyone I meet.
Such a blessing to have met you both.

BTW, I am volunteering to be your new cook!

Much love and warmth,
Your friend,

Elizabeth Stuart

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