thats the home owner with his hands in his pockets...outlawed with us

Yeah, like we really need a architect to tell us how to demo a wall. But we allways enjoy talking to a paper and pencil guy or gal....EVERYTIME I have been given plans from a architect, here in Oregon as well as many years in Ca., I have ALLWAYS and I mean ALLWAYS have had to make corection on the plans.....And they get the big money for this..and all I have EVER gotten was a snide remark of thanks...Yeah, I may not be able to spell that well, but this business is in my blood...and no schooling will compete with that..... 

Yep, a happy customer, for now.  To try and save money he hired his friend who has a dump truck to haul the concrete away instead of useing our service.  Guess what, the dump truck never showed up. Slowed us down[we are working on a bid, so this is not fair]  The home owner had to go rent a 5 yard dump truck, pay us extra for hanging around waiting and you know by the end of the day, he was still smiling having so much fun working with us. 

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