Factor defects!! They came back and changed out the tanks....but it sure cost us time, and they were grumpy about it.  We will not use them again for more then a number of reasons, this just being 1...And I do not like to name names {MICHALE'S} but even the owner left a bad taste in my mouth and a few more. They were even too lazy to spray paint over new welding they did, even though they knew it would be sitting in water.  Who needs rust?  When I brought this up to Mike the owner he told me it was the excavator's job.  Needles to say, we will not be using Michale's  out of Boring again.


Does not do much good to be level when it all has to come out again,,,And they make the  concrete right there in their factory in Boring, no excuse....


All 3 risers leaked!!  Factory defects again.  We will never use Michale's out of Boring Or. again
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