See the pipe under the top pipe?  Thats a new line a crew put in that they never bothered to "T" into the top pipe to go into the tank. By dumping all that gravel next to the open pipe, they were able "to get out of Dodge".  Their work lasted all of 7 months!!   This was up in Wa. 

Best I say nothing.....The pictures say it all....but I can"t...To save some beer money they ran 3 inch line not 4. Real PUNKS, for the inspection port they ran 4 inch, for the last 1 foot that was exposed.  I would bet their equipment looks a lot like their work...and  them too. 

This will last as long as the system....

We take pictures of all our work, {if I don't forget the camera} and will email them to our customers for their scrape book. It also helps for locating stuff years later.

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