The "pallet forks"  1 of the few attachments that goes on the front of the tractor.  The front bucket comes of and the pallet forks go on.  Used just like a fork lift , great for moving big piles of black berries, wood, logs etc.  Can lift 3000 pounds up to a 1 story house roof.

24 inch bit....big hole....up to 3 feet deep.

The "Auger"  Fence post holes, tree holes etc.  This has a 12 inch bit on it. 

The "back blade"  Kinda like a bull dozer blade but it goes on the back of the tractor.  Can move a lot of dirt.  More for rough work then finish. 

The "box blade"  Used for roughing out road ways, drive ways, fields.  Has 6 "rippers"  That can tear into the ground.  Spread gravel, dirt, used for rough and finish work. 

7 foot "road grader"  Used for a bunch of stuff, spreading gravel, trueing up drive ways, road ways, dirt roads, more for finish work 

Rotary Harrow"  Used for dressing up horse arenas and such 

The "sub soiler"...A 3 inch wide tooth that can get down to 18 inches below the grade.  Used for all kinds of things.  I use it before the disc and tiller for a garden area to help in draining. Also good for installing ag water lines in.  Many more uses. 

 The "roto tiller"...Great for gardens, used after the disc.  Thats a drive shaft you see.  It hooks to the tractor "PTO [power take off]...Basicly the tractor runs any attachment that needs power.

The "disc"  This is a BIG heavy set, 2000 pounds, 8 feet wide and 7 feet long,  Used for busting up hard packed ground, fields, knocking down weeds.  Best to follow with the tiller after to get a more even look.  Depends what you need. 

the" landscape rake"   Rakes up all kinds of stuff, rocks too. 

The "brush hog"..2 big blades the rotate for cutting down black berries, tall grass, weeds, not for clearing land off with big branches and such. 

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