"BOAT ANCHOR"  I traded this for work. It calls itself a "harrow". You can't lift it up, it's a mess to transport, clogs quick and takes for ever to clean. I guess its just not for me......yet. 

 "Roller, packer"   We use this to roll and pack gravel driveways. It does make a difference. Its a empty tank we fill with water once we get to the job site.

Walk behind tillers"  2 different widths. Great for the garden. We also use it for trenching when our backhoe does not fit somewhere. 

"gas blower"  We like to clean up after ourselfs. 

" gas vibratory packer"  used for packing gravel or sand, does not work for dirt. 2 different sizes, big, and heavier. The heavy 1 will pull you up a gravel driveway.  Need a jumping jack or sheep foot for dirt. We have our eye out for one.

"electric jack hammer"  Used for busting up concrete, rock, blacktop, hardpan dirt, etc. 

"Independence day"  With this gas powered generator, we can go anywhere and run any power tools!  Jack hammers, water pumps, skill-saws etc. 

"pick-up"  see below 

"Flatbed truck and trailer".  We use it to haul our tractor around, the flat bed has room for extra attachments. 

"dump truck"  See below....We like our dump truck!! 

"dump truck"  The bed goes up for easy unloading of stuff, grave, horse pooh, dirt, gold ore....Our first dump truck. Brother Bob still likes running it. We use it on job sites where we need to move a bunch of dirt on the site.  Thats is the slowest thing the tractor does, moving dirt from point A to point B...but way faster then a track hoe, in most cases.

"caddy"  Our ride to go look at jobs.  We bought this for our Mom[hence the color, yuk] in 2005. The doctors took her keys 5 years later, rats. 

"canoe"  We used this to shore up under a old private bridge.  Not the most stable platform to work off of, but it worked. 

'Cement mixer" We like mixing our own, and only use the premix bags for very small jobs.  I think I was 7 or 8 years old the first time I loaded this mixer. 

" chain saws"We do not like cutting trees down, but sometimes you need firewood for winter, or they are in the way.

Log spliter,  guess I am getting older, even the younger guys like running it. 

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