It gorgeous...I pulled up and was looks so sharp. Thank you..thank you!! Please let
me know about the drains in the flower beds around the house.  Susan 


Oh - these pictures are great - thank you!  I'm knocked down again today with this cold, but I still keep having to get up to go look out the window at your handy work!  I got the leaves against house and on the back patio all up yesterday after you left and hosed the patio and front steps down - it's like a new house!!  I'm very please pleased with your work - so thanks again.  I was thinking too that in the spring once I start landscaping I will likely need a load of river rock brought in, so I'll ping you then to see if I can get on your schedule.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your farm fresh bird!

 "John and Bob did some trenching/pipe work for us.  We were very pleased at the outcome!  The guys did a great job and were professional and easy to work with.  They took into account what we wanted and always checked in with us if they had any questions about anything.  If we ever need any tractor work in the future, John and Bob will be the first people we'll call.  They're outstanding!"  T&K   Beavercreek

 This summer John Dinino and his brother Bob installed some fencing for  me. I could not be more pleased with the work done!  It was a great pleasure to work with these men. They  were able to  see the tasks that needed to be done and done correctly. Since I was asking them to install "Flex Fence" a product new to the market and to the Dinino brothers. I was impressed with the initiative they took in contacting the manufactures and making modifications to the fence.

Yes the fence is lovely AND will last a long time. They were always pleasant to  have on my farm. Our dog loved them!  I much appreciated the ability to find a creative solution that really worked well.

Also John did some work at a stable where I teach lessons. The obstacles he built at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club are quite lovely and the club loved his use of existing material that none else had thought to use!

The first recommendation I got for John said "Get this guy--he is Great" I have to agree!

Cricket Dixon and Brian Casey



 "John is extremely capable, reliable, and easy to work with.  He helps solve problems, gets work done efficiently, and brings all necessary equipment to the job.  We couldn't have addressed our pasture needs without his work."  Liz   Beavercreek


You were the greatest.  Reasonable, personable, efficient, and very knowledgable, on very timely.  We will use you again. Wendy,Oregon City

Good Morning, Linda here. You have given me much to ponder since you accomplished things I didn't know were possible. There is no hurry getting back, I really am thinking, adding to the job, saving up more husband also is getting some ideas now too. The neighbor across the beavercreek road wants her road graded next time you come over here. Husband wondering, we plan on taking down about 5 fir trees just above where you are making my yard, would you be interested in trading out the wood for firewood for some work? I really do need a couple of weeks to think about my yard and get some girlfriends over, plus hopefully dry it out, so maybe sometime after 4/15 give me a call, unless you guys are interested in the fir trees, which are avail any time, in which go ahead and call us, either Linda or Mark .  How are the puppies and truly a pleasure working with you both! linda

 John and Bob:

Thanks for the great work you did on our property last week.  Clearing 25 years of overgrowth and cutting down 12 full sized trees in 2 days was quite a feat.  I wasn't sure you could pull it off on time...but you were able to not only finish on time but also to dig out an extra tree stump for me.  I also appreciated the effort you guys made to not only keep the debris off the public road and the neighbors property but also took care to not disturb the nesting birds nearby.

I will be telling others about your great service and work ethic.

Tim S.
Aurora OR

 Dear Potential Customer's,
Today I had John & Craig over to do some ground work
and drill some fence post hole and I would like you to
know that I have been in the construction business for
almost 40 years and it has been along time since I have
seen work performed like it was performed for me today.
These two men showed up on time with bells on and they
were ready to start immediately. They worked non stop
for over 6 hours without even a break. Now I would highly
recommend that if you are in the need of some backhoe
service that you give these guys a try and I'll tell you that
you won't be sorry, and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone
who will work harder for you or be any more fair in the price.
Thanks again John & Craig you did a marvelous job for me.
Mark Clark

  "We were very impressed with the Dinino brothers and their efficiency!  Fully expecting them to spend most of the day clearing out all our many stumps, I was pleasantly surprised when they came in at just around three hours. Now our yard is ready for grading and, soon, a new lawn! We'll be sure to bring them back to help with that as well!" Sean and Lauren

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all your hard work!  I appreciate not only your efforts but your great attitudes and I will definitely call you should I need anything else done.

F.Y.I.  I posted my experience/pictures and your website on my Facebook "Ryann Blair Real Estate"!/pages/Ryann-Blair-Real-Estate/120111294673389?ref=ts fan page as well as "Willamette Valley Horse Owners"!/WVHorseOwners?ref=ts  fan page.  Also, here's a few pictures should you want to use them for anything?

Thank you again and if there is any Real Estate matters/questions that I can ever help you with, please don't hesitate to give me a shout.

All my best,


Ryann Blair

Principal Broker
Prudential NW Properties
503.709.2370 Direct
503.520.2274 Efax<><

 Hi John - Happy 2011 to you!  Of course you are welcome to send people by - I'm sure I don't need to be here for them to look, so no problem for me at all and indeed it does look great!  I'm getting compliments from people that I haven't even bragged about it to!  :)
Also, I am happy to be a reference for you anytime.  If you can give me some advance notice I'm happy to sing your praises via email or by phone if that is preferred by your clients.
I continue to be really pleased with the drive and will touch base with you this spring to chat about you delivering spome river rock for my front yard.
Thanks again and all best in the coming year!

       ....and sometimes we let our customers hop on the tractor....... 

 Hi John-
I wanted to thank you for coming out to my home so quickly to give me a bid on my road. It's refreshing to run across people that are as pleasant and prompt.
Angie Ives

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