Witching sticks, devining rods, whatever you like to call them, they work!! 

Every mark Paul made there was either a water pipe, electric line, or drain line. 

We do use 811 udig guys, for locating lines, but they only mark what they have installed. Any work home owners do after the meter box they will not mark. They will not mark water lines from the well head, or the power line to it, agg lines or drain lines, etc. Thats when we call Paul and his rods. 

We hand dig by the marks to expose the lines.  Even if we do cut a line, we can fix any water line, electric line even the cable lines and phone lines. 

This French drain will keep his barn dry for many, many years to come.  There is a sock around the perf pipe, but you still need to keep dirt and horse pooh off the top. 

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