CCB #  189688                                                         DEQ # 38877                                                    DEQ INSTALLER I.D. # I 2300                               LICENSED BONDED AND INSURED

Paul E.
Robert Dinino is one of the finest building contractors I have encountered. Bob and his brother John have completed a number of projects on our properties,
each one requiring careful planning and precise execution. Bob's technical background is the reason he approaches each project with strict attention to customer
requirements and requests. He and John are fine builders with extensive knowledge and skills. When John operates his tractor, he works with careful precision to
prepare the ground to complete the project to exact specifications. His object is to complete the work cleanly with minimal to zero impact to the worksite and other
structures. Bob's estimates are reasonable and he and John complete each job on-time and on-budget.
Dec 15, 2018

Marilyn & Dave S.
There are lots of contractors.....but if you want a job done right, we would use Dinino Bros. They have completed four projects for us. 1) Excavating 2) Moved a
small building 3) Completely re-fenced our place with cross fencing and 14 gates 4) Designed and installed a new French drain. If they say they're going to do
something, they do it. They show up on time and work long hours in all kinds of weather. The Dinino Bros pick up after themselves, leaving no messes for you to
pick up. We know how some contractors are because of dealing with those kind before finding these two honest hard working souls.
Dec 18, 2018

Ben B.
The bottom portion on our private road was looking washed up and washed out. Through the years, no matter how much more gravel was added and graded, after a heavy
rainfall it would all washout again. A neighbor of mine had some work done on her property and it seemed to look like a pretty good job. I asked her who did the
work, she told me Bob DiNino. I gave him a call and he came out the next morning and checked it out. He came back the next day with a proposal and explained to me
what he was going to do to fix the problem once and for all. When the job was finished the road looked great, but would it hold up?. Several weeks later, after a
few snow storms followed by some heavy rain over the next couple of days and the road still looks the same way. It still looks great! I think Bob DiNino did fix
my problem with the road once and for all.
Feb 21, 2019

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